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A great solution when time or budgets are tight, or when teams have undertaken full-scale capability-building programmes and just need refreshing.


Short coaching videos, using proven techniques to achieve the maximum progress in the minimum time. Each video covers one skill (e.g. insights) moving through definition, example, best-practice techniques and new challenges. Carefully calibrated combination of voice, visual and time to maximise people’s ability to engage with and retain information. Follow-up tasks critiqued and ‘scored’ by marketing experts.
People at all levels who might need a refresher in one or more of the specific disciplines of branding – and how new behaviours are affecting those disciplines – or people earlier in their careers who might need to gain a proper grasp of best practice. Business students, grads, business schools, universities.
v-progress portal. People log in and watch each video as often as required, then complete follow-up task. Each video no more than six minutes long – a length proven to be effective for focus. Move on to next once current one is understood. 15 skillbytes covering entire branding spectrum – choose the ones most relevant to your team.
Fast and effective way to upgrade the skills of your marketing department. Proven techniques that power real progress for your people and your brand. People voluntarily engage more with short video than with more static digital techniques. Simple, modestly-priced solution.

A still from one of seven ‘skillbyte’ videos created by Passionbrand Progress to help Avon global marketers understand and work with a new strategic brand definition template

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