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A brilliant, proven way to turn ‘potential star quality’ into actual stars.


One-to-one mentoring for your most promising people, to help bring depth, subtlety and resourcefulness to their marketing skills. Helps them probe live issues with new tools and techniques, or better ways to use existing ones.
The people you’d least like to lose and most want to invest in – at all levels. People with potential that hasn’t always been realised. People you want to promote but feel they need a ‘skills boost’ to take them to that next level.
One-to-one sessions either face-to-face or through digital connection. Combination of theory and practice – working on live problems, opportunities, issues if practicable. Tailored e-progress back-up between sessions.
Turns ‘potential’ into ‘actual’. Brings out the promise in people by helping them use best-practice techniques with more clarity, vision and resourcefulness. Connects theory directly with current practice. A great non-financial reward. Helps motivate and keep good people.

One-to-one sessions can be backed up with
personalised e-progress challenges

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