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Here’s a unique online tool that builds a learning community, so that new competencies are shared, developed and enhanced


A fully customisable, online internal marketing capability-building platform, which can deliver an individual’s specific training objectives while encouraging peer-to-peer coaching within your marketing department. It could be used to train a new marketing process or focus on a particular marketing competency on a
quarterly or bi-annual basis.
Can be targeted at specific marketing levels, brands or project teams.
Every community member is allocated step-by-step tasks and exercises to complete, along with digital support content to help train specific skills and tools. Members are encouraged to interact with other colleagues to give feedback on the tasks, and to share learnings and challenges.
Could be used instead of face-to-face training, but more typically used in conjunction, to pre-empt and embed the learning either side of a workshop with the benefits of working together in a team.

Progress portal: sharing and sharpening new
skills in a digital learning community

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