Our promise

Helping marketers make progress in their careers.

Being on top of best practice and latest thinking in a profession that lacks mandatory formal qualifications is challenging. While CPD might be a norm in many other professions, marketers are often expected to simply ‘learn on the job’. Yet that is as misguided in its way as purely theoretical learning is, at the other end of the spectrum.

Our combination of academic rigour with real-world marketing experience in one of the world’s most successful consumer businesses means that we understand what it takes to achieve the actionable, ‘next-level’ skills of a truly world-class marketer.


Helping brands make progress in a changing world.

Does ‘best practice’ matter any more? Or has the way consumers and markets behave
in the modern world changed out of all recognition? The answer to both questions is ‘yes’. The classical disciplines – segmentation, insights, pricing, differentiation, consumption theory – are as vital as they ever were, and still repay mastery.

But the real rewards go to those marketers and brands with the subtlety and confidence
to fuse best-practice techniques with an intuitive feel for the changing cultural, digital and economic landscape. Our capability-building programmes, in different ways, are designed to foster this combination of deep competence and creative fluidity.