Our partners

Our founding partners are experienced global marketers with a strong track record in both building brands and developing the skills of marketing teams.

The former is every bit as important as the latter. While sophisticated training techniques play their part, success ultimately depends on the marketing knowledge of the people applying them. Among senior recipients especially, the credibility of the team conducting the training is a factor in their preparedness to engage.

Sarah Hillas

  • 20 years global marketing experience, working on some of Johnson & Johnson’s most iconic brands: Johnson’s Baby, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear
  • Founder member of Johnson & Johnson Marketing Excellence team responsible for global capability building
  • Developed Johnson & Johnson Marketing Capability Diagnostic tool
  • Has run marketing capability-building workshops in over 30 countries on four continents. Has trained all levels – from CMO through to new starter – across multiple disciplines.

Helen Edwards

  • London Business School MBA. PhD in marketing
  • Lectures on the MBA brand management elective at London Business School, member of the London Business School Executive Education team
  • Co-author, ‘Creating Passion Brands: How to build emotional brand connection with customers’
  • Award-winning columnist on branding for Marketing Magazine
  • 25 years working with brands. Also a partner at the Passionbrand strategic consultancy.