Capability-building workshops in the US, UK, Asia and Latin America with the aim of helping brand teams work with a new strategic brand definition process and template.

Wrote and delivered ‘Insights in Action: how to find, write and activate insights to key markets around the globe’. Workshops kicked off with an MBA-style case study followed by best-in-class theory, interactive exercises and real-life examples. The workshop culminated with a live project: teams immersed themselves in consumer data to practise the new insights process from start to finish.

“Today we kicked off the second week of the LATAM Marketing Academy and at the start of the session we asked for a 1 minute individual presentation to give participants an opportunity to share their progress since week one.

The Insights training has come up in every presentation – and for a number of participants it happened to be a turning point in understanding their role and bringing the consumer into the centre of everything they do.

In some cases it also translated into a very practical set of actions – like the development of Brand Arrows in the Fragrance team.

Thank you for helping us in building marketing expertise and driving a very positive behaviour change!”

Elena Degtyareva
Head of Global Marketing Operations